Sunday, November 29, 2015

So Long from Alta

Went to So Long meadow from Alta via Catherine’s Pass, Rocky Point, Point Supreme and down. Two laps later I did indeed get a sense that that meadow is Sooo Long… In any case the conditions were astoundingly good although outright chilly. Here are some temps:

08:00 AM Park City at 7,300’:        4 degrees F
08:30 AM Salt Lake on the 215:    18 degrees F
09:00 AM Alta at 8,800’:                 4 degrees F
02:00 PM Alta at 8,800’:                10 degrees F

So today there was a 14 degree difference between Park City/SLC and the same between Alta/SLC. Not sure what the temps were up at 10,600 but with no sun and some wind it sure felt somewhat brisk… 
After the laps in So Long I went back up to Point Supreme and skied out through the resort just to make this more of a loop than an in and out.

Here are the greyish pictures as this was anything but a bluebird (click to enlarge):

Lots of snow on the way up to Catherine's Pass with Devil's Castle
and Sugaloaf in the distance.

Rocky Point and Point Supreme from Catherine's Pass.

Nice snow cover on the North facing slopes.

Looking down on Catherine's Pass from Rocky Point.

Looking down So Long.

Two feet plus on So Long

West Bowl as seen from Point Supreme.

Here are the AWWP:

Arctic sun through the evergreens.

Lone Pine growing on rock. A testament to the resilience of the pine tree,
no wonder these were the first to grow on the tundra at deglaciation.

Hidden slope through the spruces.

Trail between snow covered evergreens.

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