Sunday, July 19, 2015

Pluto has a backcountry!

Well, maybe Pluto is by definition all backcountry but this is not just any backcountry, we're talking BC with snow/ice and peaks up to 11,000 feet (Think Superior or the Pfeiff). Now if that doesn't blow your mind, what would? OK, so its a bit of a treck: about 3,5 billion miles. At 36,000+ mph (or 870,000 miles per day) it took New Horizons 9 years to get there. That would make this quite the comitting trip: 18 years round trip (meaning you are missing 18 earth seasons while travelling...) plus however long you wanna ski. In addition to the time committment you have to consider getting it funded, (unless of course you are the I-am-sooo-rich Donald), custom ski suit, custom ski boots and a gravity so low that the skiing may be a bit average. Weather forcasts are not available and neither are avalanche risk assessments. So maybe this trip is not for the upcoming season but in these days of global warming and shrinking ski seasons it just is comforting to know there are alternatives out there.

Here are the pictures (no these I did not shoot myself);

Looking a lot like Greenland!