Thursday, January 14, 2010

Chuting it down

Today Mike and I went to Wolverine Cirque entering and exiting from Alta. Conditions are getting generally heinous so we figured we go do some chute skiing. We skied both east and north facing between aroud 40 degrees, including boot packing up one of the shutes and the pack was hyper solid no signs of instability at all.
Our first ski was down either The Huge Chute or Tips and Tails (we will have an agreement on that after exhaustive analysis of the photo finish…). The second one we did was Bombay (there is consensus on that one). The picture below is of the entry of either The Huge Chute or Tips and Tails (click to enlarge)…

…and this one is of me and Mike in the cirque (photoshoped i.e. although the mountain details are real that configuration is not):

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