Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Stealing Turns

At this stage of the pre-season whatever the snow conditions may be any turns you get in are all bonus turns. You never get ideal snow conditions this early but on the bright side:

1) You get to spend a day where its winter
2) You get a workout to prep for the "real season"
3) There is so little snow the avalanche risk is not all that high
4) Whatever turns you get are all stolen turns!

One might ad that since the worst day in the BC beats the best day in the valley, why on earth would one not get out! So we got out. This was a tour under the Wasatch Mountain Club a fantastic organisation out of Salt Lake. We went to Alta (my last week's tour was a recon for this week's) up the summer road to the Pass and on to the slopes under the Rocky Point to Point Supreme ridge line. A fair amount of the snow was wind jacked and there were almost no first lines available but this is one of my only tours so far this season where I didn't hit a single rock!

Here are the pictures (click to enlarge):

This is an amazing picture taken by Matias. 

Greg on the summer road

Mike W.

Mike G.

Catherine's Pass, photo cred: Greg

Yours truly at Catherine's Pass, photo cred: Greg

Bjorn and Matias at Rocky Point

Cardiac Ridge holding a little snow the Ivory Flakes hardly any.

West Bowl

Mt Baldy from Point Supreme

Devil's Castle

Mt Superior - Cardiac Ridge - Cardif Pass

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