Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Was back up on Mont Veyrier this morning and found a little snow as early as 3,600’ which is always encouraging and we do need all the encouragement we can get in this pre-season to a slow to start season.

Since the winter adventures are still a bit off in the future I will take this opportunity to introduce the one who has been (next to Mike) out with me on the most tours: Skadi Askmo.
Skadi was born on August 26th in Park City, UT. She is the youngest of eleven puppies: she has six sisters and four brothers. Skadi (née Belle) is of American and French ancestry as she is a black Labrador and great Pyrenean mix. We got her at age eight (weeks) and although her name was a charming Belle we had to rename her, if you can’t figure out why click here. She is a very smart dog, great montaineer and pathfinder and an enthusisatic skier. Her prefered snow type is supportablre crust.

In keeping with her name, she loves the snow and so she enjoyed this morning’s outing:
I think this the side she tries to promote on most shoots:
Did I mention she likes the snow?

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