Thursday, September 27, 2012

First Snow!

Let me correct that: First snow down low. Today on my “training hike” up to crête des Tervelles (Massif des Bornes) there was a great training motivation booster in waiting as I got up: Snow! I am here talking about snow below the 5000 feet mark . This hike starts at 735 m (2,400 feet) and tops out at 1,775 m (5,800 feet). Well just a bit over an hour into this thing Skadi and I were in snow. Here are the pictures (click to enlarge):
View of the Massif des Aravis that tops out at about 9,000 feet. The higher summits are all in the clouds on this picture.
This almost looks skiable today... The snow covered summit in the middle tops out at about 7,000 feet.
Here the snow goddess is enjoying her first contact of the season and since this is still only September...

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