Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Powder day at Le Grand Bornand

As we actually already are facing some avalanche risk (yes, in some parts we already have a multi-layer snow-pack) I didn't feel like going for my training hike alone at Tervelles with its well filled slopes at 45 degrees plus. So for more low angle I went to the ski slopes of Le Grand Bornand which is one of the local ski resorts. This is also the resort at which Ski Club Annecy-Semnoz (Max's ski club) has its permanent training room. I had a fair amount of snow there too (between one and 2.5 feet). As you can see we are getting that distinct winter feel now as some parts of our area are in full winter mode already. Here are the pictures (click to enlarge):
These guys are ready for one long cold winter...
Nope, none of this is man-made
You can almost see the mountain through the clouds.

Powder day anyone?

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