Monday, December 17, 2012

Max at 2012 SCARA in Val d'Isere

In Europe the “Scara” is considered to be the World Championship of the youth. Initiated 32 years ago by the ski club of Val d’Isere (this is Jean Claude Killy’s club) as a contest between its members and all the international teams that go there to train this event now includes all clubs of France that qualifies against all foreign clubs that qualify.
From 3 to 6 April 2012, the 32nd edition involved 300 volunteers and 1400 young competitors aged 11 to 14 from 30 different countries. The Scara has seen an impressive list of champion seeds, such as Luc Alphand, Jean-Baptiste Grange and other world cup winners.
Last season Max qualified for this event which is for evermore engraved in his mind, here are a couple of pictures of him coming down the hill:

This is Max coming down the super g course...

...and here he is further down the same course.

This is what focusing can look like...

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