Saturday, March 23, 2013

Aiguille du Calvert (Aravis)

Thursday March 21, 2013

Today I went out to La Clusaz for a work-out that ended up being more fun than anticipated. I went in resort because nobody wanted to go out based on a sucky forecast. Well I got luck as the forecast was off enough and the snow wasen’t anywhere close to as bad as announced.

Some stats for La Clusaz:
Number of lifts:                               129
Tot. run length:                                200 miles
Highest lift:                                      8,121 feet

The best part of Aiguille du Calvert is that you get a fast and efficient 5,000 feet skin and drop and you can be home by about 1pm. Not too shabby…
Here are the pictures of the day (click to enlarge):

La Clusaz - the perfect medival village: To the right the medival church
and to the left the gondola that leaves from the church plaza...
View of the Beauregard domain of la Clusaz
View of la Tournette from "behind".
Massif de l'Etale.
The cross on the Aiguille du Calvert, a place as good as any to find religion...
The view from the Aiguille into a lot of great backcountry ski terrain.

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