Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hut to hut in the Thabor massif – Day 1/3 (April 12-2013)

On April 12th three friends and I went out on a three day hut to hut in the Thabor massif (french southern alps) that took us in to Italy where we never missed the opportunity to eat or drink something or other…

There were four of us: Laurent, Jean Marc, frank and myself.

We left Annecy at a reasonably comfortable 8 am and took a three hour long “road trip” south through the tunnel of Fréjus into Italy via Bardonecchia and then back into France driving towards our departure valley: Vallée de la Clarée and the village of Névache. While in Italy we of course stopped for coffee even though we were short on time; some priorities are not to be messed with…

Below is our route with day 1 in black, day 2 in yellow and the last day in red (click to enlarge):

Topo map: 3535OT (French IGN reference)
Dominating direction: Day 1: NW – Day 2: NE then SE – Day 3: NW then S
Starting elevation: 1603m
Hut elevation: Day 1: 2185m, day 2: 1780m
Pass elevations : Day 2: 2828 – Day 3: 2645m

Access by car:
From Annecy drive south through Albertville then onto St Pierre d’Albigny  and Vallée de la Maurienne towards Modane till the tunnel of Féjus. In Italy pass Bardonecchia and follow the signs to France then to Vallée de la Clarée and stop at the parking lot at the entrance of Névache (1620m). Trail access is across the road that you passed turning into the parking lot.

Here are some pictures of day 1, I'll post the more interesting days 2 & 3 shortly (click to enlarge):

Last preparations in the parking lot at Névache by my new "skimobile"
From left to right: Laurent, Frank and Jean Marc
Things are getting serious - no more kidding around...
Laurent crossing that bridge when he got there...
In the center a tasty looking line that I may have top come back for...
To infinity and beyond... The first day is all work: 10 miles and
no skiing, it sure felt like infinity.
Finally! Refuge des Drayères in sight
Jean Marc and Laurent arriving to the hut
Sunset on the valley, this was taken from the hut's deck
G'night - Yours truly, hobbit feet and all...

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