Friday, September 12, 2014

Valien invasion of Park City

Finally we have a resolution: Yesterday Vail resorts acquired PCMR. I, for one, could not be more excited! For starters we now know we are getting a 2014/2015 and future seasons and that right there is more than we knew last week. Second, I just got local Epic Passes for the family, I did it yesterday as soon as I read the press release. As a BC skier I rarely do more than 10 days in resort in any season or about 10 – 20% of my ski days. Not only is my volume low but it is a bit spread out, I ski more than one resort. A regular season pass is near impossible to justify. However, I do like to do a few hard resort days early on to get enough vertical fast enough to get my downhill legs in place for the season. That’s good for 3 – 4 days right there. For the rest of the season I’ll do a handful of family ski days. With that scenario I was awaiting the litigation outcome and if PCMR would have managed the season I would have bought a locals book of 10 days for a bit over $500. With Vail taking over I get the locals Epic pass for the same expense! The great thing about that is that I get a pass that gives me all the skiing I can handle at “my mountain” PCMR as well access to the 9990 BC gate at the Canyons. What more could you ask for! Well, maybe access to another 20 resorts or so? Done! It’s all in the Epic pass.

I guess some alien invasions are just better than others, so just take me to your leader!

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