Sunday, August 23, 2015

Curiosa at Park City Mountain Resort

This is another one of uncountable hike-to-ski outings to Jupiter Peak. Having nothing better to do, while awaiting the season, I took below pictures. As you can see killing some more summertime while waiting for better is the main reason anyone would bother to take them. Now, if you are reading this then I am pretty sure you are facing the same challenges (click to enlarge).

This odd looking thing has caught my eyes more
 than once and I am sure anyone else's that's been here...

...well, after thorough investgation: Mystery solved!
I am sure you are all excited with this invaluable tidbit!

Here are some remains of the actual Silver King Mine (by the base
of the Bonanza lift).

A Vail resort innovation: All lift stations are now red and grey vs. just
white before. It looks fine but I kinda liked the all white that gave them
a bit of Station Zebra look. 

I have decided to name this one: HOPE

Not really sure as to what the theme may be here. Angry,
mutated pacman-frog? Or maybe just another
disentchanted Trump voter...

I am starting a series on mountain colors, I think I'll call this one Blue...

...and this one Yellow. I promise to stop as soon as we have it all white...

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