Sunday, September 25, 2016

Winter Hike in September

What makes this a winter hike? I don't have to carry water for the dogs. Today Skadi didn't even look at the water I gave her on top of Jupiter Peak and Loki took a sip only because I told him to.
So we went to Jupiter to explore the snow conditions and also take a few shots into Big Cotonwood and get a sense of where they are at with their snow cover.
Here are the pictures (click to enlarge):
First glimt of Jupiter from top of Payday.

Clayton Peak and 10420 from Jupiter ridge line.

Mt Woolverine and Woolverine Bowl from Jupiter summit.

Mt Raymond from Jupiter

Sampson, Comstock and Hawkeye.

Jupiter ski patrol hut.

Jupiter P-Zone

Brock has moved in to PC from Michigan two weeks or so
ago and he is looking to make this place his permanent
residence. I had the honor of guiding him on his first
oxygen-less yet successfull summit bid on
Jupiter Peak today. Great job Brock!

Windy Ridge in the Uintas.

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