Sunday, September 25, 2016

Winter Hike in September

What makes this a winter hike? I don't have to carry water for the dogs. Today Skadi didn't even look at the water I gave her on top of Jupiter Peak and Loki took a sip only because I told him to.
So we went to Jupiter to explore the snow conditions and also take a few shots into Big Cotonwood and get a sense of where they are at with their snow cover.
Here are the pictures (click to enlarge):
First glimt of Jupiter from top of Payday.

Clayton Peak and 10420 from Jupiter ridge line.

Mt Woolverine and Woolverine Bowl from Jupiter summit.

Mt Raymond from Jupiter

Sampson, Comstock and Hawkeye.

Jupiter ski patrol hut.

Jupiter P-Zone

Brock has moved in to PC from Michigan two weeks or so
ago and he is looking to make this place his permanent
residence. I had the honor of guiding him on his first
oxygen-less yet successfull summit bid on
Jupiter Peak today. Great job Brock!

Windy Ridge in the Uintas.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

First Snow of the 2016/17 Season!

The forecast guarantueed it and we got it! These are pictures taken from Payday at the Park City resort (Click to enlarge):
Jupiter with his head in the clouds.


The Uintas.

Lewis Peak (far right at about 9,200).
 See Suicide chute. Another 3 - 4 of these storms
and that becomes skiable...

This is clearly off topic today but if you checkout the
largest lower left branch, you can see that it is
"growing two pines"...

...and here is a close-up of the two pines with the right
hand side one more clearly visible than the other.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

OK, you can start hyperventilating now...

...this is the closest thing you'll get to a guarantee! This is the NOAA forecast at 9,400 and they are saying 1 - 3 inches tonight, tomorrow and tomorrow night, then 1/2 an inch on Saturday. That's a total of 3.5 - 9.5 inches: just sayin! And we all know that snow in the sky beats pie in the sky anyday. Check it out (click to enlarge):

Monday, September 19, 2016

It's time to get excited!

OK so last time was a bit of a let down. However that time it did just say "Slight Chance"... Today's forecast says "Snow Showers Likely". There is now a real chance that this is not just a first snow forecast, this could very well be our first snow. Period! That will be a great relief from this Indian summer we are going through today and seemingly tomorrow.

I am letting this one bleed over into the right nav pane so it's readable and you can still click to enlarge:

Friday, September 16, 2016

Skis are getting shorter…

…is something you hear all the time and more often than not people talk about it as a very recent development. It is true that skis are getting shorter. What is not true is that it’s a recent development. As I was browsing in my collection of Swedish annual ski yearbooks I stumbled into what may well be the first public ski manufacturing statistics. The yearbook is: “På Skidor Årsskrift 1927” which translates to: On Skis Yearbook 1927. In looking at below pictures another piece of Swedish you will benefit from is to know that “Tillverkningsår” means year of fabrication. These are numbers emanating from the largest ski manufacturer in Sweden at the time: Bröderna Sandström Skidfabrik (The Sandström Brothers Ski Plant). That company was up in 110,000 pairs of skis per year in the late 20s making it an unthinkable force for the day.

Below are scans of the relevant parts but first I have got to show you the cover page of the yearbook as it feature my favorite ski inventors, the reindeer herding Sámis (formerly known as Lapps). On the cover this Sámi is skijoring a reindeer, simply too perfect to pass up!
Here is a Sámi skijoring a reindeer. He is in
traditional dress with 
Sámi skis.

f. stands for feet and if you read the "key" in the text above
you're good to go!

The Sandström Brothers' advert on the
back cover of the 1927 yearbook.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

First Snow of the 2016/2017 Season?

Here is our first snow forecast for the 2016/2017 Season! This is the NOAA forecast for 2 Miles ENE Brighton UT 40.61°N 111.53°W at an Elevation of 9406 ft. That's what we refer to as this blog's "mountain forecast"... The forecast below is for Park City at 9,400' and the Alta at 9,400 forecast for tomorrow is the exact same, so this is a Wasatch wide thing (at least central Wasatch).

Do take a moment to really enjoy this screenshot (click to enlarge):