Sunday, January 10, 2010

Red Pine

Today we went in to Red Pine from the White Pine trailhead. We went there partially because it is a spectacular drainage (especially the upper part beyond Red Pine lake) and also because with our current lack of snow cover you definitely want to remain as high as ever possible. Turns out that even when staying high, the snow quality is now marginal on essentially all aspects and the cover is thin enough for you to hit the occasional rock. On the positive side: The weather was gorgeous and we did not witness any signs of weakness in the snow pack. Below is a picture of an east facing line in upper Red Pine with Whit Baldy in the background:
The picture below shows the undefined “we” in the first sentence above. From left to right – James. Scott, Mike and yours truly:
...and finally, just because the snow quality is marginal, it does not mean that no skiing is going on:


  1. Excellent report. A great place to be during this stable weather pattern. Looks like the same sort of "wind-pressed" powder I found my last few days out (Maybird, Cardiff, Broads.)
    Did you feel the snowpack was stronger than in BCC/MC/PC ridgeline?
    Hope to ski you again soon.

    My ripped edge from New Year's Eve is being mended at the Peruvian ski shop.

  2. Hey Tyson, glad to hear your edge didn't kill your ski! Regarding your question, the answer is absolutely, there was a noticably stronger snowpack in Re Pine than in the BCC/MC/PC ridgeline.