Friday, January 1, 2010

Avalanche-pack face-off! Update

Some of you may remember that The Whippet ran an avy airbag series in October of 09. That series culminated on Oct. 26 in a comparative of the three vendors (to see that post click here). You may also recall that ABS Systems were at the time updating their price list and so we had to fly kinda blind on their deal. While I was travelling on a ski trip to Chamonix they sent me their new list which I have summarized below:
For reference I am adding the (incomplete) comparative table in the original post. As an example of how to use this data, to "fill in the blanks" under, say the Vario 15 unit, you have to add $910 (price of Vario Base Unit) to $105 (price of Vario 15 bag) plus either $130 (steel activation unit and handle) or $250 (carbon activation unit and handle). So your Vario 15 L system will be either $1,145 (steel cartridge) or $1,265 (carbon cartridge). Click to enlarge these tables.

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