Sunday, October 7, 2012

Glacier d'Argentiére

The Argentière Glacier is the glacier lying perpendicular to the Chamonix valley above the village of Argentière. Starting from the Grand Montets resort parking lot this hike involves an ascent of about 3,500 feet.  It is an interesting one to me because 1) it’s a glacier, 2) it’s skiable from the Grands Montets tram, and 3) it offers access to a ski line of classic beauty off the Aiguille d'Argentiére. This is a great way for me to figure out what it takes to get to that line as well as seeing it live. Or rather imagining it live as it will require a few snowfalls before its ready for skiing…

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Aiguille d'Argentiére
The glacier

More glacier...
For that special glacier feel...

The beautiful pyramid dominating the glacier is Mont Dolent,
a 9014 ft (2748 m) mountain on the  Swiss (Valais) side of the border.

Water running off the opposite old glacier line dating
back to the mini ice age in the middle ages.

The Chalet de Lognan at 6668 feet (2032 m) as seen from above.
It will open again on Dec 20 till early May.

Chalet de Lognan as seen from below.

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