Monday, October 8, 2012

Montagne du Sulens

Training requires motivation; a good way I find to keep the eyes on the prize is to scope out ski terrain when running uphill. So today, I went and explored Montagne du Sulens which is the Haute-Savoie version of the Wasatch’s Powder Parks, the place you go to when conditions are hairy but you need to be out and you still refuse to go to the resort. Although this is not exciting terrain, what I do like about this place is that it’s all grassy making it a very likely early season candidate.

Sulens - the "big" side

Sulens - the small end

Why Sulens is not all that avy prone. Told ya its not too exciting...

Winter view one of a Sulens slope

Winter view two of a Sulens slope, it does feel a lot like Powder Parks
...And for your viewing pleasure, here are a few additional pictures taken today from Sulens:

The Mont-Blanc with his characteristic lenticular cloud being blown off by an incoming storm

The glaciers of the Vanoise natural park

la Pointe Percée, highest point of the Aravis massif at about 9000 feet (and a fun  hike)
Typical "alpage" which is the high elevation summer grazing grounds for the alpine cow
...and last but not least: The colors...

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