Friday, January 4, 2013

Refuge de Gramusset 2164m


From the refuge de Gramusset (or Refuge de La Pointe Percée) you will be within day-touring reach of La Pointe Percée, Col des Verts and La Pointe de la Carmelite.
La Pointe Percée is the culminating point of the Aravis range at 2750m.
The Col des Verts (2595m) is between la Pointe des Verts and la Pointe Percée and is the most fun ski of the three.
The Pointe de la Carmelite is the unofficial name given to the 2477m point just north of Pointe Percée.
The refuge is a hut of the French Alpine Club (CAF Annecy section) and has a small section of it that although not manned, is open off season i.e. winter as far as we are concerned (how winter could be “off-season is beyond me). There is a large table, 2 benches, some chairs, a very efficient stove, some cooking utensils and a small kitchen with 2 gas burners.
There is a wood supply and a few axes and saws. The is also a series of bunk beds with mattresses, pillows and blankets for about 16 people and dry toilets (who could ask for anything more!).
The nightly fee is € 8 (leave cash or check in the box) including wood and gas. The room is well equipped, has a great ambiance and is very pleasant in the most spartan mountainy kinda way.

Topo map: 3430ET (French IGN reference)
Dominating aspect: NW
Starting elevation: 1160
Hut elevation: 2164
Elevation gain to the hut: 1004 m to this add:

585 m for la Pointe Percée
313 m for la Pointe de la Carmélite
431 m for le Col des Verts

Access by car:
Drive through the village of the Grand Bornand, leave the church on your right, pass the lift parkings of and then continue on departmental road D4E, pass Le Bouchet and then the Nordic tracks. The road stops at "Les Troncs" (4-5 chalets) and you must park on the roadside just before them and not on the parking lot reserved for them.

Trail access:
Walk through "Les Troncs" and where the road ends the trail starts.

Here are some pictures of the hike from Les Troncs to the Refuge Gramusset taken yesterday:

Park just before the chalets of "Les Troncs"

Beginning of the hike through the trees looking back on the valley.

About an hour some into the hike a "natural"resting place.

First sun...

The summit of La Tournette

Just for the beauty of it...

...this one too

Approaching the hut with La Pointe Percee to the left and La Pointe Verte to the right.
Valley floor below and La Tournette in the distance.
Partial view of the much larger head-wall under the Col des Verts.
Well snowed in entrance of the Gramusset hut

The sleeping quarters...

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