Thursday, August 21, 2014

Alaska: Post 1/4 - April 6 & 7, 2014

This post is not really about skiing, this first one deals mostly with the trip in and views mostly from the car. This is a trip I took the initiative too in September of 2013. This was going to be my very first trip to mythical, epic Alaska. For the whole season I couldn't wait for it and two bays before taking off: I get a high fever debilitating flue that I am not sure if its not going to kill it. I figure I have two days till the trip plus two days of traveling to get better so I'll go because not going just does not feel like a viable alternative. This is Valdez we're talking about: heard too much and been anticipating too much and too long to give it up now. So I pop everything I can get my hands on and hope to get better real soon.
The trip from Salt lake to Anchorage, although it's a flight, takes up the most part of a day mainly on account of a longish layover in Seattle. After a day of travel check in to a hotel in Anchorage:

Taking off from the hotel in Anchorage
for a six hour road trip.

...and in the am get the car loaded and its off over Richardson HWY to Valdez. 
That's a 300 mile drive for a distance as the crow flies of maybe 80 miles, see 
below for that efficient route selection:

In any case the group still seems excited half way into the drive.

Excitable bunch on the road

Mount Billy Mitchell where the Rendez Vous Heli guides hang out...

Rendez-vous heli guides a bit before Thompson Pass on the way in.

My buddies do a quick late PM tour - It's daylight forever in AK

Off they go...

And here they are somewhere on or around Billy Mitchell

Nice glacier picture taken by Adam

The Bookends

Girls Mountain...

...and at the end of the road, Valdez and the plush
accommodations we drove all this way here...

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