Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Milly-Wolverine-Twin Lakes Pass-Patsy Marly-Brighton 03-09-2014

This is an easy but fun tour that Richard and I did in great conditions: a bluebird with a stable snow-pack. This tour starts off on the Milly Express lift (one way ticket). At the top of the lift we boot-packed to summit Mt Millicent then skied down to  the saddle and then skinned up to the top of Wolverine. From there we did four laps down Wolverine bowl and into hidden bowl. On the last lap we went up to Stupid Chute and dropped down below Wolverine cirque and on to Twin Lakes. There we transitioned back into skins to get up Patsey Marley via Twin Lakes Pass and got a nice and long ski out down Heaven's Gates and past the lake and into Brighton. There we skied the resort slopes going down Exhibition back to the Milly Express base.

Here are the pictures (click to enlarge):

View of Devil's Castle from the saddle between Mt Millicent and Mt Wolverine

Hidden Bowl

Entrance to Stupid Chute

View of Mt Superior from Stupid Chute

Looking back up at Stupid Chute

The woods by Twin Lakes on the way out

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