Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Big Freeze

At -5 degrees F the skinning was not overwhelmingly hot but the ski down, especially in the shade, was outright brisk. After the storm, and this was a good one, we got the big freeze so all is finally well and December did deliver albeit a bit on the late side. 
I went out on a minor conditioning tour, with Skadi, from my house and up Woodside Gulch past the old and abandonned Silver King Mine. I ended up on top of Walker and Webster Gulch overlooking part of PCMR. The powder was about a foot deep at 7,300 and about a foot and a half at 9,000. The snow was cold enough that the skis didn’t glide all that well but the sun was out and there was no wind so it could have been a lot worse. Here are the pictures of the day (click to enlarge):
Going up Woodside Gulch with Skadi on the way to lapping me again.

To the right Johns 99 trail coming from PCMR...

...crossing one of many service roads..

...and back to Johns 99, now going towards Deer Valley.

Jupiter in the distance with McConkey's bowl,
then Lady Morgan to the left. 

Close up of Jupiter that yet has to open to the public.

Skadi with her favorite hotel, the Montage at Deer Valley, in the background
(she gets exceptional service over there whenever she runs away from me).

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