Saturday, January 3, 2015

Brighton to Alta

Yesterday we, Mike, Nico (third tour ever), Max (first tour ever) and I, went out on a glorious bluebird tour starting at Brighton in Big Cottonwood Canyon. We actually parked our car at the 6200 S Park and Ride and Mike drove us to Brighton as he wanted to do an out and back tour. 

We took the Millicent Express on a single ride ticket, at $15 each, up to the Millicent eastern shoulder at 9,960’.  From there, after signing in with the Ski Patrol, we followed the boot pack up to the summit at 10,452, got our skis on and skied down to the saddle between Mt Millicent and Mt Wolverine at about 10,200. Here we transitioned for the skin up to the summit of Mt Wolverine at 10,795. From the summit we skied down Wolverine Bowl and then further below, down Hidden Bowl. Here, at 10,000, we transitioned again. This time to skin halfway up the Wolverine ridgeline to Stupid Chute. We had to scrape by the first third or so of the chute as the rocks were jumping up at us… The snow cover was just not sufficient on top but we skied the rest all the way to Twin Lakes, at 9380’, on great snow. There we established “Lunch Camp” and after lunch embarked on the last skin, this time up to Twin Lakes Pass at 9,800’. This was the last skin and this is where Mike turned around back towards Brighton. For the rest of us and from here on it was all downhill. From the pass we skied down through Michigan City (the old mine), then through Grizzly Gulch and at the end of Grizzly, on account of a sharp left, we ended on the Alta slopes at Albion Basin and skied on to the base of Collins Gulch to end at our objective: The Goldminer’s Daughter. After beer and nachos it was on to the bus back to the 6200 S Park and Ride.

Here are the pictures (click to enlarge):
Max, Nico and Mike transitioning at the saddle between
Millicent and Wolverine.

Mike, Nico and Max approaching the summit of Wolverine at 10,795'.

Hidden Bowl

Nico and Max skinning out of Hidden Bowl.

Max almost on top and Nico center right avoiding the rocks
on top of Stupide Chute. (photo credit: Mike)

"Lunch Camp" on Twin Lakes.

Into the wild...

On the way up to Twin Lakes Pass...

...still on the way up to Twin Lakes Pass...

Max and Nico in "Michigan City" with Mt Superior in the
background and Alta at the bottom of it.

Winter art by Mike.

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