Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Cardiff Fork 1-14-15

This classic Wasatch tour took place the 14th in just as classic Wasatch conditions: Bluebird. We were, by our standards, a fairly large group of six (see below). We went up the Power Line trail from our Lady of the Snows at Alta to Cardiff Pass. From there we followed the ridge line going west and dropped in to Cardiff fork a bit before Little Superior. From there it was down to just below Cardiac Ridge for a few laps. The snow went from good to great and the difference hinged on just a hundred feet left or right from the top of Cardiac Ridge. As soon as you went even a tad bit left of the center the snow was more wind affected. If you kept to the “spiritual center” of the slope where it forms a subtle gully (under the lowest spot in the ridge line) the powder was classic "Wasatch Champagne Powder". We exited out via the center Cardiff sub ridge, back to the pass and down to Alta. The snow on the southern aspect was both wind and sun affected but still generally good.

Here are the pictures (click to enlarge):

Left to right: James, Scott, Mike, Eric and Jack

Toiling up to the Pass: James and Eric plus unknown.

At Cardiff Pass looking west and uop the ridge line.

Cardiac Ridge to the left and the Ivory Flakes to the right.

Scott and James in full transition.

Solo tracks.

Scott contemplating the work ahead.

Looking down Cardiff Fork's undisturbed snow.

Mike in action.

Cardiac Bowl.

Cardiff Pass as seen from the "backside" i.e. from within Cardiff Fork.

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