Monday, December 14, 2015

A bad sign

As I got up to Empire ready for a good workout I stumbled into the epitome of the phrase "a bad sign" and I mean that in the most litteral sense, this is what I was greeted by:
This is indeed "a bad sign"...
Every season I try to work up the energy to do four laps before the resort opens. From the base of the Empire Express lift at 8,300 feet to the top at 9,570' there is an elevation delta of 1,270'. My November objective is three laps. and my mid-December objective is four laps. Saturday morning (12/12) I went up on my last pre-season conditioning tour at Deer Valley's Empire Express. I did not realize I was too late as per above sign. Lucky for me the Deer Valley Ski Patrol is very skier friendly and understanding of skiing needs. I already wrote about this last season and that post still fully stands. They realized I did not know they were closing that day and seeing me all geared up they agreed to let me do my laps provided I stayed off their equipment, work sites and don't come back for more this season which I consider more than fair. So thanks to the generosity of the Deer Valley Ski Patrol I got to meet my December objective this year too.

The Empire Bowl area is getting ready to open as you can see in below pictures;

Powder on Ore Cart...

...and more powder on Ore Cart.

Domingo with its base layer.

Jupiter filling in.

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