Thursday, December 24, 2015

Walking the dogs

The dogs were due for an outing, not a walk around the block, an outing. So, not being so much into walking when you can be skiing, I took them to Empire Pass. The super-easy outing that is just great to exercise the dogs as they have to punch through all that deep stuff while I coast on all the existing cut trails. Except that today there were no cut trails at all, the trail breaking was deep, and it required punching through a top crust before getting into the deep stuf and did I mention the wind and the arctic cold? Bottom line both the dogs and I got a wee bit more than we bargained for, which isalways great in the winter season! Right? Here are the pictures (click to enlarge):
Not being trained at all in photography, I always struggle at rendering
movement. This is my first attempt at showing howling winds...

...and here is my second attempt.

Here is Skadi the snow dog wearing it...

...and this is her having had enough of the deep trail breaking, arctic cold
and howling winds. She just turned around and was probably bee-lining
for the parking lot (she has done that before in storms)...

...but we got her to come back and here she is with Loki, both of them with a
distinctly arctic feel.

Calyton Peak and 10,420.

View of Daly's Chutes.

View all the way to the Uintas and Windy Ridge.

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