Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Winter Wonderland - LCC

Today I went back to Alta Collins expecting pretty much the same conditions as last time. How wrong was I? Really, really wrong I am glad to say. This last storm made a huge difference. Everything was skiable, there was good powder everywhere and all the snow machines were limited to below the Collins angle station. A picture being worth a thousand words, here are the pictures (click to enlarge):

Mt Superior looks a whole lot better than just two days ago.

Cardiff Pass

Toledo Bowl

On the way to the north shoulder of Mt Baldy.

I'll just call this one "magic of  winter."

Crossing over from the Wildcat area going
towards Germania Pass.

Looking back on my turns off the north shoulder of Baldy.

Below Sugarloaf from Germania Pass (aka Collins top station).

Training the zoom onto Twin Lakes Pass.

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