Sunday, January 1, 2017

12-31-2016 – Last Tour of 2016

The last tour for the year was to Porter Fork Pass, an eminently safe tour in Mill Creek Canyon with just 3,300’ elevation gain but with what feels like endless miles. The forecast said this was the last sunny day (they were wrong, I happen know that because I am typing this on 1/1/2017).

Here are some pictures of the view from the pass (click to enlarge).
From Monte Cristo (far left) to Salt Lake Twin Peak (just the one, far right)
 with Mill B South in the middle.

Upper Broads Fork with Sunrise Cirque, it's namesake peak just above it,
and to the right, the Salt Lake Twin Peaks (both...).

Mineral Basin with it's Room of Doom.

Adding just about a 1,000' of elevation from the pass will take you to the
summit of Mount Raymond at 10,241'.

Lookout Point.

Very partial view of the creek that gives its
name to Mill Creek Canyon. 

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