Sunday, January 15, 2017

Iron Mountain Powder

You know this is a great winter when you start accumulating "best evers" on any given hill. Last week it was best ski yet off of McConkeys (in resort) today it was Iron Mountain's turn. This is a very basic local Park City tour that starts by a 2,000' elev. gain to the summit of Iron Mountain then however many laps you feel like in its bowls. Today was my best ever ski in these bowls on very light yet slightly dense and so really fast powder.

Here are the pictures (click to enlarge):

Starting the skin  up to Iron Mountain at level with the clouds.
Picture taken on the lower Pinecone ridgline.

All the surface hoar you can eat! Maybe this is the drama in store for
our next storm system that seems to be due to start on Wednesday.

First (from the top) Iron Mtn bowl, best skied close to or
 in the trees to the upper left of the picture.

Second (from the top) Iron Mtn bowl.

West Monitor bowl practically skied out...

From the summit of Iron Moutain a view of Lewis Peak in the distance
and, in the foreground, access to the Iron Mtn bowls.

Loki barely keeping head above snow in one of the bowls.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Ski in - Ski out in Old Town Park City

Today I got to ski back all the way home from the resort. When the winter is normal (not like the last five seasons) a lot of Old Town Park City homes become ski in - ski out properties. Lucky for me: 1) I live in higher Old Town Park City, and 2) this is a normal Wasatch winter. If I ski out high from the Quittin Time slope and bank a hard right high up on it, I end up high on King road. From there all I have to do is ski down the road (there are always snow banks on each side) then take a left turn (see first picture below) and end up on the other side of the road from my drive way.

Here are the pictures (click to enlarge):

Sharp left turn down to lower King rd and continue skiing till
under the large evergreen (picture taken from my front porch).

Looking up Treasure Hill, the hill that the Park City ski resort is on. This is
the "backside" from the resort's perspective. If you look up the hill you see...

...a guy skinning up (mega zoom), would he continue to the top he'd end up
at the top station of the Park City resort Payday lift.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

12-31-2016 – Last Tour of 2016

The last tour for the year was to Porter Fork Pass, an eminently safe tour in Mill Creek Canyon with just 3,300’ elevation gain but with what feels like endless miles. The forecast said this was the last sunny day (they were wrong, I happen know that because I am typing this on 1/1/2017).

Here are some pictures of the view from the pass (click to enlarge).
From Monte Cristo (far left) to Salt Lake Twin Peak (just the one, far right)
 with Mill B South in the middle.

Upper Broads Fork with Sunrise Cirque, it's namesake peak just above it,
and to the right, the Salt Lake Twin Peaks (both...).

Mineral Basin with it's Room of Doom.

Adding just about a 1,000' of elevation from the pass will take you to the
summit of Mount Raymond at 10,241'.

Lookout Point.

Very partial view of the creek that gives its
name to Mill Creek Canyon.