Friday, October 9, 2009

All skinning - Hardly any skiing

This is NOT my second ski outing of the season, just my second skinning outing... Was out to Baldy again from Alta Wildcat base. Enough snow to skin and definitely enough rocks to make it almost impossible to ski without at least destroying the rock skis. The good news is that one can skin from the bottom, that is good news if you need the work-out (only). I did a bit over 3,000 feet going to the west shoulder of Baldy and then to the east shoulder. The weather was warm, sunny and, on the ridgeline, really windy (NW). Past the Collins angle station you have close to one foot of cover left in most slope centers. I found a deep gully and was able to ski the middle of it without hitting rock. All the rest was infested by nasty rock that jump up at you when you try to ski and some devious ones that seem to go for your boot buckles! Great Baldy has filled up a bit and this could maybe be a base layer, especially if next week’s system delivers. The top picture shows the entrance from a distance and the lower one shows the exit (taken against the late pm sun). As you can see, we do need some more snow there. On another note, Cardiac Ridge holds enough snow that hopefully it could be its first layer, provided of course, it doesen't go before next storm comes in...

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