Thursday, October 29, 2009

LCC cold smoke in October!

This is my fifth outing for October and, for the 09/10 season, it is by far the best one so far. Phenomenal powder on supportable crust and it’s not November yet! In any case, me and Mike went back to Mt Baldy from the Alta parking lot and started off with our regular routine up to the Baldy west shoulder. There is a full on snow cover straight from the parking lot and up. It starts getting about a foot and deeper past the Collins angle station. We skied off the west shoulder in great snow and then skinned up into the ballroom and in privileged spots under the rock band there was up to three feet of the fluffy stuff. We did a couple of laps on that fast, light and really fun snow. After that we went up to the Collins top station and enjoyed a 2000 feet home-run. Two guys skied the great Baldy shute which is starting to look really good. Little Baldy still needs a little bit more snow, maybe after next storm? (see picture above).
This was great skiing, not “good-for-being-October” skiing but just good old fantastic skiing.

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