Thursday, October 15, 2009

Little Cottonwood - Mount Baldy

This was yet another outing to Alta (choices are kinda limited right now). Went from the Wildcat base to the summit of Baldy via the west shoulder and traversed to come back down the east shoulder. Had a quick lunch at the top of the Collins lift and then back down to the parking lot. At the Wildcat base a lot of snow has been lost to the sun, of course, but it also seems to have rained yesterday. The big storm was a bit of a fizzler and although the snow stake at Collins went from 15 to 19, nowhere did it feel like we had 4 more inches than last week... Past the Wildcat top there is a bit of a snowpack consisting of about an inch of hard crust with about a foot – foot and a half of rotting powder (could get interesting some day…). In any case up high it really felt like winter – see the background of the picture of my ski buddy, Mike Florance, on his first oxygen-less ascent of Mont Baldy (click to enlarge). This was a beautiful tour that felt quite alpine on top with even a few turns! That just goes to show you that there are no bad conditions just bad outlooks! Hopefully next week's storm will be a bit less stingy.

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