Saturday, December 5, 2009

Proud moment

Today was a resort skiing day at PCMR. The real reason for spending the day at PCMR, in resort rather than in the backcountry today is that it was try-out day for the Park City Devo Team. After years of the PCMR Learn To Race (LTR) and then Farm Team, my son Max Askmo, 10 years old, decided to try out for the Devo team. This team has a lot of history as one of the best programs in the nation and has included kids such as Ted Ligetty. So for my son (and his parents), this was not a small thing. Max went in to this with the usual mix of excitement – anticipation – tension – anguish right up to the moment when the list of invited participants is posted on the wall. His name, by virtue of the alphabetical order, was the second entry on the list and I could see that he was visibly relieved! Indeed a proud moment. Below are the pictures taken just after the announcement when Max and his buddy, Aydon Lee, were savoring the moment at PCMR (click to enlarge):

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  1. Thanks Dad I hope Dar, Jason, E-dog(Erick), are looking at this right now!