Thursday, December 31, 2009

The preseason is dead! Long live the season!

Finally the preseason conditions that started as early as October 3rd and seemed endless are finally over! Just in time - as this IS the last day of the year. Talking about the last day of the year, I was today respecting an age long (OK few years long) tradition with some friends: The New Years Eve Wasatch BC Ski. This may sound like a major event – that’s because it is. Today it included six of us (when I say major I obviously don’t mean number of people showing up…).

One of the advantages of a “Considerable” avy risk forecast is that you get a place like Cardiac Ridge all to yourself. How often does that happen? Below is a picture featuring exclusively our lines:
These are only our Cardiac ridge lines; we got a lot more in, from south facing under the Pole Line to Ivory Flakes with an exit on Raynolds Flats. If you ever want to do a bi-canyonal, I strongly recommend parking at 6200 S and taking the ski bus. That's because at 6200 you get to ride up Little Cottonwood and down Big Cottonwood.
Now, back to our title theme, to show you that we are now truly in season: Below are two pictures taken today that definitely should be worth more than 2,000 words (click to enlarge)… Enjoy, and
Happy New Year!

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