Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Whippet Likes Man Made

Today’s tour was supposed to be strictly a workout as we (me and Mike) left with no expectations whatsoever of any good skiing opportunities at all. So we took off to Deer Valley at Silverlake. We skinned up the service road to the top of Mount Baldy. We encountered a few ski patrollers giving us the thumbs up and a couple who told us that strictly speaking the mountain was closed. They were nice about it though and let us go on, I guess they are skiers too… The clincher on all this, is that with Deer Valley prepping for Saturday’s opening (which means this is the last workout at Silverlake for this season), the slopes were impeccably groomed and us being the only ones on them, we had some phenomenal and fast runs. To the left is a picture of the a snow cannon, Whippet and all and below is yours truly with Skadi on the whales (picture credits: Mike Florance).

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