Sunday, October 13, 2013

Alta Recon

With the snowfalls becoming increasingly frequent one starts imagining skiing may not be too far off. Early season Alta is often a good bet for some early turns so I went there yesterday to check out the situation. After lugging skis and boots all the way to the Timpanogos snowfield the last week-end to no avail, I decided to not even bother with skis on this recon tour, good thing too!  It’s just not ready yet but on the north facing it may not take too much longer… Most of the Ballroom has about a foot with up to two feet in a few rare privileged spots.
Here are the pictures (click to enlarge):
Sugarloaf with a thin and inconsistent snow cover.
Superior is going to take a while...
...but Suicide Chute is slowly and hopefully surely building some sort of cover.
American Fork Twin Peaks and Mineral Basin

Great Baldy is holding some snow but not enough...
...neither at its entrance...

...nor at its exit.

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