Sunday, October 27, 2013

Waiting for the storm

We are now looking into a forecast that may lay the foundation for our 2013/2014 base layer.
The prior storm’s snow has all but melted off in most of the Wasatch with rare exceptions the most notable being Great Baldy, a little in the Ballroom and some more in the Cirque at Snowbird. Good thing too as all that’s left from the prior storms is all sugar now and would obviously make for a heinous base layer.
While waiting I went out for yet another pre-season hike, got to keep those legs somewhat busy… I went to Jupiter out of convenience but also so that I may have Skadi with me. With all the watershed restrictions dogs find themselves excluded from nature in most of the central Wasatch… I started from the PCMR parking lot at First Timer and went to Jupiter via Crescent top, Bonanza top, and Pioneer Ridge. It’s a very long walk for just 3,000’ elevation gain but it was nice to be back at the resort. Funny thing about Jupiter: On the USGS it’s a Hill and on the resort map it’s a Peak. Drama sells and I guess Peak sounds more BA?
The resort is absolutely ready with the snow cannons now. They are primed, set and aimed -Just waiting for this storm’s frigid Canadian temps to fire off.
Here are the pictures of the day (click to enlarge): 
The Yurt got an upgrade since Skadi was here last. To compare click here.

Here is the East face with no more than a couple of inches left..
...and this is Wolverine bowl with not so much more than Jupiter.

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