Monday, October 21, 2013

Totally Gnarly Tuning

Typically every season I turn my skis in for an annual professional tuning. After the first tuning I do the upkeep through the season myself. The three main reasons why I do it myself is 1) I get out often enough in season that leaving my skis several days anywhere is not an option, 2) most professional tuning is calibrated for really thick resort skis and our AT skis are thin enough that eight roundtrips on the grinding stone removes too much base material (once after a tuning I could see the core of my skis through the base…), and 3) I enjoy caring for my equipment and I do want to know every nook and cranny of it.
To do this you need some supplies and some basic knowledge. Here in Park City there are several places you can go to. However my absolute favorite ski tuning supply store is Tögnar Toolworks and they are out of Ashland, OR so I shop mostly online at and/or use their excellent catalog. I don’t know anyone else with the breadth of selection that Tögnar offers. From “Sandvik” Swedish steel base scrapers to Arkansas polishing stones (for your edges) and all the wax brands you could imagine as well as ski tuning benches, Tögnar has it all. Their 2013/2014 catalog is a 62 page treasure trove of extremely useful tips and background info as are their online video tutorials on their blog (scroll down till the great intro video to hot waxing skis). If you don’t like that video, DO NOT miss the snowboard hot waxing video, whether you’re a snowboarder or not, you’ll thank me later...
to see this video, click here
In any case back to the boys at Tögnar: I have been ordering supplies from them for the better part of the last decade and service and prompt delivery never ever fails, these guys are on it.

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