Friday, November 1, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like winter…

Went to Alta today (by the time the pictures uploaded this should now say yesterday as in Thursday...) and got to ski two foot deep powder. Jealous yet? You should, it was bloody amazing! And I didn’t even hit a single rock! I skied small but high quality north facing shots off of Wildcat top station. I didn’t dare do the shots off of the Mount Baldy Shoulder considering the size of those runs and the sugar making up the bottom layer of all north facing slopes. The shots off of Wildcat top station are small enough to practically qualify for test slopes.
Here are the day’s pictures (click to enlarge):
From the parking lot at the Gold Miners Daughter.
Going up Wildcat
Mt Superior in the clouds
At Collins Angle station
Ski tracks no matter which way you go up
To the right, the shots off of Wildcat top

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