Saturday, November 30, 2013

Suicide Chute at Mt Superior

The name is definitely a bit dramatic as I just did this line and made it back home... Clearly that name is based on a great exaggeration of the actual facts on the ground. We have agreed that as far as our wives are concerned its original name, Shane's chute, is the only one acceptable... Having said that this line should still get some respect and calling it Country Lane like some do is clearly slanderous. This has the classic couloir feel with nice rock walls and a double fall line for a bonus... Given the scarcity of the snow in this pre-season cycle we figured this line could be our snow trap just like Main Baldy chute which is now closed since the opening of Alta. The conditions on the ground were as good as expected with 2-3 feet in the most favored spots and never less than a foot or so. Now that exclusively applies to the couloir proper, the apron is miserable and that's is NOT an exaggeration; forget skiing any part of it. 
Here are the pictures (click to enlarge):
What it looks like today, a little rock but clearly manageable.
View down into Homicide chute, not ready just yet...
Mike toiling in the mixed ice and rock at the choke taking
you into the today skiable part of the chute .
Yet another tasty little Wasatch line. Can't wait to get
back here with a foot plus of powder.

Yours truly two thirds of the way up...
...and beginning the ski down.

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