Monday, November 4, 2013

Main Baldy Chute at Alta

Today I went out with my friend Mike to ski some safe east facing lines (relying on a forecast of up to a foot of new snow overnight and facets in the north facing). Weather conditions were mildly stormy but not cold and the snow was absolutely fantastic up high. In privileged spots we were looking at two feet plus. Once there we noticed that the overnight new snow was very light and the quantity way below forecasted quantities, reducing our risk assessment. On the way up we met a couple of guys that told us that Main Baldy had been skied the day prior by a dozen skiers or so. They were going to ski it now, so we would have the benefit of an additional stability test for the day. I had also noticed, a few days prior, that the line had been skied out after the mid-October storm. With that information and a snowpack that did not give up any signs of instability, we decided that this should be as good a day as any for a Main Baldy ski. We got there, had a great ski on a snowpack that felt real close to bomb proof. After Baldy we went up to Collins pass and skied out on the runs.
Here are the pictures (click to enlarge):
Winter sun over Mt Baldy

Mike on the way to Main Baldy

Main Baldy Chute, a tasty little line...
Mike on the ski out

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