Wednesday, November 5, 2014

First outing of the 2014/2015 season

I was out at Collins Gulch (Alta) on the anniversary of last year's Alta outing and although it was nice to be out the conditions were not anywhere close to as good as last year. However there was enough snow to skin up to Germania Pass right from the parking lot and ski down the service road that was compacted enough to allow rock avoidance. The slopes themselves were only acceptable if this was your last run on those skis as the rocks were numerous and absolutely everywhere. The cover outside of the man-made was generally a bit under a foot of pretty nice powder but obviously not enough to provide a cover, this was not a powder day... Here are the pictures (click to enlarge):

Accross the road we can see that Suicide Chute
benefitted greatly from the storm.

Clearly a pre-season situation at Alta base...

...but enough snow to skin right from the parking lot.

Starting to feel like winter...

Skier compaction in Main Baldy... makes you wonder
what rock compaction will do to your skis.

Rock and roll! My favorite rock skis (notice the old Dynafit volcano heel
pieces).  To the right of the tips is Sugarloaf and to their left my castle.


  1. good to see it looks nice and white up there. i'm impressed you refrained from hurling yourself down suicide or main chut.

  2. Thanks Mike, I am hoping that will be more enjoyable next week provided that that storm 1) materializes, and 2) is as significant at least as the last one. Here's to hopin...