Sunday, November 16, 2014

PCMR from Empire Lodge

Sunny but brisk is a way to describe this morning's start: Now clouds in the sky but 2° F on the ground. At Empire Lodge you start in the shade so you better book it if you're going to keep any heat going at all... The good news is that it only stays that way for 10 - 15 min before you get in the sun.
This was yet another typical pre-preseason tour with minimal snow coverage. There is not much to ski up there just yet so you end up clomping around on your skins alot. This tour went first to Jupiter Peak and then down and up to the top of Daley Chutes then back traversing through the woods to the meadows. On the return what you do get to ski are the low angle meadows before the parking lot. They have enough snow and skier compaction the allow you to let loose and have some fun.
Here are the pictures (click to enlarge):

2° F in the shade sure feels like winter.

Looking up towards the Daley Chutes area.

Snow "pack" went from marginal on windblown ridglines... OK on leeward privileged spots. My poles are set
to 125 cm i.e. 4 feet so about two feet of snow here.

Guradman's Pass.

To the left Clayton Peak - to the right Peak 10,420.

Jupiter from the top of Empire Express.

This tour was mostly about clomping around on the skins...

...but Skadi didn't mind!

From Pinyon ridge: Jupiter , Pioneer ridge and BCC in the horizon.

Mt Timpanogos in the distance.

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