Thursday, November 6, 2014

Second outing of the 2014/2015 season

I went back to the same spot, Alta, the only one with enough snow to do anything with right now. If you are addicted to SKN2SKI (my new friend John's registration plates) and can't stay away from copious amounts of heinous skiing then today's outing was just right for you. I LOVED it! It feels like winter up here, the gear gets out and heinous skiing beats no skiing any day of the year. Heck, when I lived in Massachussetts ages ago, I'd go skiing Wachusett "Mountain", now if you click that link don't let the marketing pictures fool you. That place almost never felt like what those pictures look like. If you couldn't see last years ski pass through the blue ice then it wasn't  Wachusett... In any case that skiing too was a ton better than no skiing!
At Alta the cover or lack thereof was very close to identical to Tuesday's (click link or just see below) i.e. close to a foot up high and close to 100% man-made at the base. With that though you get to skin from the parking lot.
Here are a couple of pictures taken from Germania pass (click to enlarge):

Devil's Castle


Mt Baldy with too much sun for a proper picture...

If next storm is as good as the last one AND this stuff does not melt
 between now and then, we may be starting a snow pack...

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