Monday, November 9, 2009

Lambs Canyon access to the Mount Air area

You may have noticed that a long fence is being set up along the I80. This is obviously to protect us and the wildlife from each other. Some of us more paranoid BC skiers immediately will see a threat to BC access at Lambs Canyon to the Mount Air area. Being no less paranoid than any other BC skier I had to stop at the Lambs Canyon exit and see for myself. Well I am happy to report that UDOT, once again, is doing a great job for the BC community! For those who are not aware of this, I am saying “once again” because UDOT is also the agency that does all the avalanche control on the Utah roads that need it. We benefit because, as an example, they shoot up Mount Superior to protect the road which benefits us as this is a degree of backcountry avalanche control. So thank you UDOT! Now, back to the Lambs Canyon trail access: We are good because the fence goes along the trail in its lower portion and opens up well before the Lambs Canyon parking lot (click pictures to enlarge).

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