Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Polarizing training in Deer Valley

The window of opportunities for pre-season training spots is rapidly shrinking. Between PCMR opening on Friday the 20th, Alta that shut down the Wildcat base access for opening prep and practically no snow up high by Empire Express, spots are getting few and far in between. We really need the mega storm to come in now... So today, in desperation, I went to Snow Park (Silver Lake access was temporarily blocked for snow making). The training round went from Snow Park to the top of Bald Eagle Mt. (which is just a 1,200 feet elevation gain). This is all on artificial snow some of it frozen solid.
Skinning up I unwittingly stuck one of my poles in a small ice hole, bent it over too much and snapped it in two (see picture to the left, click to enlarge). This is the first time ever that happened to me. I will get down to Black Diamond and see if they will sell me just the bottom carbon part of my pole and report back the outcome of that.
Ever wondered what a legendary Deer Valley grooming looks like in the pre-season? Wonder no more, here is what all those endless hours of work look like before it becomes an overnight grooming Success:

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