Sunday, November 8, 2009

Alta forever - at least in the pre-season...

Had another pre-season workout tour in Alta. This is really the only spot I know in the central Wasatch that has a continuous 2,000 feet plus cover right now. As usual the conditions and particularly the snow were better than expected. The most significant take home with that is probably that it is high time I adjust my expectations… In any case there was more and better snow than I thought considering how warm it has been since last time I was there, see picture to the right (click here to see that post). Today the resort was making snow on the upper part of Collins (see left picture below). They have also been working a path from the top of the lift down to the parking lot. Seems like Alta is working hard at avoiding those pesky Thanksgiving cancellations that happen when no lifts are open… As an aside note that although Superior has hardly any snow at all, Suicide chute is hogging the beginnings of a stash (see right picture below).

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