Thursday, December 5, 2013

Best powder day of the season (so far)

After some nerve-wracking monitoring of this last storm for what feels like ages, seeing its probability grow in the NOAA forecast from 10% to 40, to 60, 80 and finally 100% and praying frantically for it not to be yet another cruelly disappointing dud: We got to ski powder! This was yesterday at Deer Valley from Empire Lodge to PCMR with Scott and Mike. We skied Empire Bowl, then Sunrise in PCMR, then four laps off of Pioneer, back up to Pioneer and down via Summit Lodge to PCMR First Timer parking lot.
All these pictures are courtesy Mike Florence (click to enlarge):

Jupiter through the Aspens...

Scott and yours truly in love with our signatures...

Scott having a little too much fun... my dust...
Working at it..

Proud line ownership

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