Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Powder in West Bowl

In an effort to introduce my two oldest sons, Adrien and Nico, to the Wasatch backcountry, under our routinely highly unstable conditions, I took them to West Bowl. We made this a bi-canyonal and so skinned from Alta to West Bowl where we did a couple of laps. The powder was exceptionally good, fun and fast. The last couple of storms really improved coverage so we hit hardly any rocks at all (what a difference two weeks can make!).  We skied out through Silver Fork taking the bus, at Solitude Beam Lodge, back down to 6200S park and ride. There was a fair amount of cracking on the south facing going up to the LCC/BCC ridge line. We also heard a lot of whoomps in Silver Fork, once on the east facing side and several times on the west facing one. We stayed well clear of any steeps so did not remote trigger anything.
Here are the pictures (click to enlarge):
Nico and Adrien working hard under the morning's unstable weather.

Mount Superior in the distance, Toledo Bowl and Cardiff Pass
in the foreground

Nico and Adrien arriving to West Bowl with
Mont Superior in the background.

Lots of powder in West Bowl with Emma Ridge in the background.

Turns in West Bowl.

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