Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Dog hydration on the mountain: Tricks and Tips

I carry the water for my dog in a Nalgene bottle as these are the only bottles I use in the back country. Mainly because with its wide mouth I never have it freeze over in the winter. So I bring a couple of Nalgenes (a litre each) on big summer hikes because she (Skadi) drinks a fair amount when it's hot. To dispense it I bring a cup that will take half a litre. However on a long 8 hour effort a few weeks ago, in a cruel twist of fate, I forgot to pack the cup! When disaster strikes it's time to get into full on MacGyver mode and produce the most sophisticated and clever high-tech solution thinkable to your problem. So after much deep pondering and deliberation this is what you do:

1) Find five rocks each with one equal(ish) flat side
2) Arrange rocks in circle(ish) arrangement on a flat surface
3) Drop your rain jacket in the circle(ish) rock arrangement
4) Drop the water in the jacket-lined "pool"

Et voila! Doggy is served! Toldya it was both sophisticated and high-tech!

Here are the pictures of this breath taking patent pending invention (click to enlarge):

At the core of this innovation is this remarkable rock arrangement

Insert jacket - Pour water...

Happy K9!

Properly decorated Nalgene with insane amounts of
cool BC ski stickers that: 1) Demonstrates your BC ski 
bonafides, and 2) makes it impossible for your ski buddies, 
as they walk away with it, to claim that 
they mistook it for theirs...

Item who's absence allowed above genius solution to spark.

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